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Anna & Maxim
Sensual pre-wedding love story of a wonderful couple - a real artist and a lucky farmer!
A wedding is an event that you want to spend perfectly. In our case, everything went much better than we could plan. Thank you all!
Love Story
Real feelings are easy to express but difficult to show
In harmony with nature
Nothing has so much to show real feelings, like nature, luscious greenery, the absence of city noise and fuss. Here you can add text about the participants of the project, the designer, a direct speech of Anna or Maxim, or I will continue attempts at literary improvisation.
Preparation for registration
less nervous, you will have all things done in time
Costume, dress and bouquet
All ideally, prepared images fully correspond to the inner world and the state of the newlyweds today. Tens of hours are spent to the benefit. / then there is also something to write about it all, or quote one of the participants, perhaps even relatives... /.
Epicenter of Happiness
what happened - happened :)
Uncontrollable fun
We are spinning in the dance, we accept congratulations and gifts and we are spinning again! The closest and dearest people around, the most important person and companion - are close by. The most important event. Everything is perfect. / You can even integrate the congratulations interface, if this event is only planned and complement the page with content as you prepare for the wedding. /.
planing an unforgettable event?
To make it really unforgettable - you need beautiful pictures. For the memories to be pleasant, the pictures should be professional. Call me!
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